Lessons and Clinics


If a high school makes the decision to create an orchestra with their students, all the parents have very clear ideas about it and the thought of sending their sons and daughters to a rehearsal for a concert to learn to play their instruments, wouldn’t even cross their minds. The students study music and learn to play their instrument all year and, at the rehearsals, they come together only to practice and learn the piece that they will perform.

The same applies to a chorus. The singers don’t go to the rehearsal of a concert to learn how to use their voices and how to read sheet music.

No one will send their son or daughter to a chess tournament just knowing the basic movement of the pieces, without ever studying the classic openings and how to manage the middle game in a way that leads to a checkmate situation.

In all these examples, it’s logical and everybody agrees, that their sons and daughters have to study music and chess before performing in a concert or a tournament.

Also when we talk about sports, if the sport is baseball or basketball, all the fathers in their youth have played and they begin coaching their sons and daughters very early on. When they become part of a team, they are already able to hit or catch the ball relatively well or dribble and make a good shot in basketball.

But, when the soccer season comes, without ever learning to play, are they supposed to become soccer players just by wearing their uniform and cleats?

A game is the equivalent of the concert, and the soccer practice is the equivalent of the rehearsal.

When do players learn to play soccer?

If it’s unthinkable to learn to play the violin, oboe or cello during a rehearsal, how is it possible to learn to play soccer during practice a few days before the first game?

With this concept really clear in mind, I will give individual soccer lessons during the year to improve soccer skills. To learn to do with our feet, what we do for months with our hands in learning violin, guitar or piano.




During the lessons, I will develop these topics:

  • Fundamentals
    • How to trap, pass, kick, juggle, cross, etc.
  • Fitness
    • Getting in shape and strengthening, ready to physically perform in a demanding sport like soccer.
  • Strategy
    • Besides a team strategy that will be developed at practice during the season, there is an individual discipline of what to do on the field to win the ball back in pressing, how to be in the right position at the right moment, how to read the game and anticipate what happens (possibly before it happens) and be able to support our team-mates suggesting what to do, just by doing the right thing or going to the right place.

In general I give individual soccer lessons every day of the week.


Coach Gianni.